testata borse le gaetane di sara beneck
le gaetane le gaetane le gaetane le gaetane le gaetane
sara beneck box made in italy

sarà benneck


The "Gaetane" are exclusive creation for their shapes, colors and decorations and they are made by myself one by one, as unique and legendary is the city of Gaeta. My bags are handmade feature therefore, no one is similar to any other all around the world!

Bags can be creating, also, accordingly with customer’s requirements and needs.

Using old and new materials, transforming them with trims, flowers, Swarovski Crystals and various accessories, means to give eyes to my mind and to materialize my imaginative world.

"Gaetane" remake, in a modern version, one of the most ancient Italian woman’s bags: a shopping bag.

Let’s offer ourselves a touch of an-exclusive style
"We are unique and we must remain inimitable"

Sara Beneck

le gaetane